Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bright Midnight - For The Strange

Hear The Track Here

For those (probably English) men who are currently nodding sagely at the title of this track, it probably has nothing to do with women and you are definitely in the wrong forum. 'Strange' being an English slang word for woman; any woman. I'm saying no more on that subject. Mmmmm, hold on, isn't this the same Bright Midnight who gave me a bit of the same strange with The Stranger (August 2009)? Does the man have a fetish, we ask ourselves. Anyway, pulling a discreet curtain over that sight, let's crack on. For The Strange is the third Bright Midnight track I have reviewed so where does that leave us? Well, The Stranger weighing in at over seven minutes was probably stretching this reviewer as thin as pizza but still managed to slip under the radar...

Who knew??

What kept that musical boat afloat was the undoubted references in the track to the early Doors, which despite being a 1,000 years ago, is as relevant today as it ever was. So the question is, is it intentional? See, the reason I ask this is because in the previous track he sounded like Jim Morrison, on For The Strange he has actually managed to become his Jimness himself. Don't believe me? Want to hear a ghost? Grab a quick listen to this track and do remember to be wearing your brown pants and some clean underwear.

Hey (shrugs), it's either that or reincarnation.

In every sense this is a Doors track through and through, from the vocal styling and lyrical content, right through the rough instrumental sounds but I really have to raise my hat for the CHARGE this track gave me. In my books anyone who can (almost) re-create this legend - intentional or otherwise - deserves to be better known. More to the point, for the first time reviewing this artist I can nod with agreement at its Garage Rock credentials. What is overshadowed by that looming presence is how at home Bright Midnight feels with it. Whatever, I'm going to be keeping this. Excellent homemade Garage Rock with added ghostly ingredient.

Highly Recommended.

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