Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oxy Powered Moron - Platipus (demo)

Hear The Track Here

How could I resist a review request that states 'I are Chester the Wonder Dolphin'? No you are not, you are my long lost loony twin, where have you been? He goes on to heap praise and salutations on me but as you know I am impervious to such treatment - just the cash if ya please. Oxy Powered Moron (he made it up on the spot I bet) is a 'Nu Metal' (wtf? everything nu nu?) artist coming out of Canada (Ed: aren't they all?) and - up until this point - a completely new name to me. Still he lists a couple of bands as influences that I can definitely relate to and we've already established his lunacy quotient, so lets get to the large beaked beavers already....

Large beaked beavers, yeah I like that.

Sad to say, the sex life of platypi (see, I do my research), is but a measly twice a year so that's something to wail about innit? In fact, that's probably him on the backing vocals on this extremely strange, off the wall track/song/whatever. I had the most difficult time in all my reviewing years thinking about how I could adequately describe this track, and I'm sitting here writing it with less clue than I started with. Put it like this, if this had been presented to me as a jokey track - which it is - I'm still somewhat confuddled with the whole thing. Sure, it's funny but probably only once or twice, and the music isn't even funny once.

Essentially this is pretty much a live rant against those poor cute critters, set against a guitar accompaniment; a standard chugging figure and a series of notes and nothing else. It also goes way, way into Parental Advisory territory and well deserves the Kiddie Kaution. For us grown ups though this is probably going to come down to your own personal taste. I found it odd at first, then sniggered along with it and then it started to really get on my nerves.

Good for a quick giggle sure.

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