Sunday, September 06, 2009

Silvertrain - A Girl Like You

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Or Episode Two: The Further Adventures of John and Max. Regular readers (Hi Mom) may remember that we had our musical world rocked when John Brandon (Silvertrain) and Chas Holman (333maxwell) cracked heads with Lay Me Down (August 2009), and without so much as a by-your-leave here's the next one. Now I am, as you know, distinctly opposed to all forms of ballad, even though I have been known to sway in the wind a time or two, but usually I feast on their corpses. One of the very few artists to ever get them past me is Ye Olde Silvertrain and John Brandon has certainly retained that sweet streak.

Having served a certain amount of time listening to John's many solo efforts I have come to like his laid back style and I would recognise it, but I wouldn't have placed any bets on that while going through the intro to this track. Once it got going it became obvious that John (his guitar and vocal) is the base element which then gets the full on 333maxwell treatment and - again - it's a winning combination. Now whether its because I am so used to John's style or hyper-aware of what Chas brought to this party, I am aware that this is the sum of two distinctly different parts - and yet it works.

I really rate John Brandon as a straight forward pop song writer (of the softer, sweeter variety) and as usual he delivers exactly that with A Girl Like You. The totally different slant that 333maxwell brings only serves to highlight the song more, giving it a distinctly Fleetwood Mac/10cc feel that will please anyone who remembers that kind of pop. OK, in all honesty, it isn't exactly to my personal taste but it's certainly different enough for it to score highly with fans of both artists and I guess that should be all that counts.

Highly Recommended Pop.

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