Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wake Of Destruction - Want Vs Need

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Considering that in two tracks Miami based musician and songwriter Wake of Destruction has notched up a Must Have and a highly recommended from this reviewer, you bet I expect much. Wake's (very fertile) field of music to graze on is one of my own favourites; 80's electropop. This was an era when a song counted, despite all the technical wizardry being bought to bear. One of the prime exponents of the genre was IMHO Howard Jones, whom Wake Of Destruction has a passing resemblance to. Turning his talents towards pop rock this time, he assures us of some 'stadium rock in a synth-pop style'

Lighters at the ready...

Tell the truth, I'd have been too fernicking stunned to do anything once the track got to playing. Damn what a powerhouse of a track this is, leaping out of the ether and putting you in a headlock before you could get the first profanity past your lips. It's always been obvious that this is an artist to be taken seriously, but Want Vs Need stamps that with some considerable authority. For my money the best songs of all are the ones that practically force you to sing along and Want Vs Need does that in superb style, moreso if you also like 80's inspired material.

The real surprise here, for me anyway, is just how strong and assured all the vocals sound, a totally professional effort. If this is all just one guy, then its a by God miracle. It's already been number one in the Pop Rock charts so I guess there are enough people taking note of this track but if this is all new to you, I heartily recommend listening (and even downloading) this truly splendid example of just how good this unsigned world can sound. Certainly in this genre, Wake Of Destruction is streets ahead of the competition in every way that counts; confidence, musical style and that awesome vocal sound. More of this, yes please....

MUST HAVE (electro)Pop song.

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