Monday, September 21, 2009

Crockmister - Ordinary Life

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I was greatly heartened to see Crockmister appearing again in my reviews, here is a musician I can never get enough of. My hard drive has almost his entire catalog on it AND videos to match. He has his own You Tube channel with some of the best live rhythm guitar you are likely to hear. He's also one of the keenest singer songwriters I've ever heard, online or off it. Proof of that standard of professionalism is the fact that he keeps on working, and live too. He's had a string of Must Have's from me that probably equals the most I've ever given to any one artist, both on his own and with his earlier classic, and much under-rated, work with Liverpool's very own Deggsy.

So that's got MY objectivity right out in the open eh?

Ordinary Life shows just how good a guitarist he is, colouring the track just enough to carry the song perfectly. The sort of guitar playing you associate with the greats of the genre (Acoustic folk that is) especially Bob Dylan which this track definitely pays its respects to - even though it's indisputably a Crockmister track through and through. Over the years I've compared him vocally to Louis Armstrong, Mick Hucknall and even Lionel Ritchie and that is the class that this man works in. Time and again I have said that Craig Sofaly (aka Crocky) is world class material and it will be an eternal puzzle to me why Deggsy and Crockmister didn't click outside of those in the know (or those nosy enough).

Craig is based in France and there is a lot of that influence in this excellent, if basically acoustic track, from the guitar flourishes that open it to the light, open feel of the song. Dedicated to 'the person who saved me from drowning in an ordinary life' this is a track which shows exactly why this guy is held in such high regard, but obviously not enough. Whatever you may think about music, almost everyone likes a good song and - at the core of all he does - good songs are Crockmister's reason for being. Even on something as simple in structure as Ordinary Life there are literally hundreds of things to hear, given the time. Wonderful stuff.

MUST HAVE Acoustic song.

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