Saturday, September 26, 2009

Big Wheel Remixes - Electric Eye (Big Weenie Blag Spatial Mix)

Hear The Track Here

Where The Round One plays around with other peoples bits, in case you were wondering. Many of you will already be aware of Big Wheel in his normal electronica getup, and I can say that this side of his musical persona is well worth checking out too. I've already done three of these bad boys, all of which got highly recommended so I'm up for any number more. I know this musician and I know his style but when I am dealing with remixes, there is only one place to start: at the source. Bikini Black Special made the original Electric Eye and very smart it is too. A very tight little band. Just goes to show that MySpace does hold its share of capable musicians, despite the endless clones...

Ol' Wheelie then takes that excellent track, slices, dices, mangles, distorts and weaves his own brand of aural magic. Although I'm glad I listened to the original first before starting to review this, I would have recognised how catchy a song it is regardless of what Big Wheel did with it. What this musician has done is, true to the remixers code, not losing the essence of the original track while stamping your own individual personality onto it. Something, I might add with some experience, that is a lot harder to do than it sounds, especially in this loop crazy world.

'I did it because Paddy loves me, despite thinking I am electronica's answer to Kenny G' Big Wheel says and you know what there is some truth to that. He's always been a bit of a smoothie with the sounds, despite his electronica leanings but even I would have to admit I wouldn't quite put him in the same place as Kenny G. IMHO that should be a small ante-room of Hell made entirely of speaker cones where he is forced to listen to his own music for all eternity. Anyway, Big Wheel Remixes have none of those problems and I do recommend listening to both these excellent pieces - the original and the remix.

Highly Recommended Electronica

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Paddy said...

Hi there, Big Wheel Dave pointed me to your blog post, just wanted to say thanks for the kind words :)