Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sandro Cuzzetto - Where Your Quarter Goes

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I first came across Canadian Christian Rock musician Sandro Cuzzetto earlier this year when I reviewed More Than Me (April 2009). Although I found the track a bit lightweight musically, that certainly wasn't the case with the lyrical content and tone, which is what kept the track afloat for me. As far the whole Christian Rock thing goes, I'm fairly ambivalent about it unless I feel that the Christian point is being shoved down my throat, a common failing IMHO with this genre. Sandro didn't fall into that trap with More Than Me and that tells me a lot about how he operates.

Where Your Quarter Goes probably owes more to Classic rock than anything overtly Christian, although the lyrics definitely are. Musically, this is based in a grand rock tradition, albeit somewhat smoother, and although I've seen this musician compared to James Taylor I don't see it like. The overall music reference in this track is much more well known and a Brit. Elton John sounded pretty much like this when he first started out and vocally is an almost perfect match.

It's all about the song, and that is where the Elton influence pays dividends because of its recognisability - even for the brain dead. Where Your Quarter Goes is a song about where you put your faith. Using a gambling metaphor, the song illustrates that the only safe place to put your money is in giving - as in all other things I guess. After all, that is one of the main tenets of Christianity. Although I wouldn't go searching it out (I'm not really a big fan of Elton and this does remind me of him) I can certainly say that if you like classic rock and my description rings bells this is a very worthwhile listen.

Recommended Christian Rock.

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