Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dexter Rotten - Heaven Shine Down

Hear The Track Here

Now say what you like about Patrick Lew (Ed: What? Him again??), you got to admire his all consuming passion for what he does, even if - to a man - all his tracks leave so much to be desired it is untrue. Wow, harsh Gilmore. Oh yeah, well go listen to some of this guys other works (search for him on my blog for example) and you'll get more than you could possibly have bargained for. The word that most fits what Patrick is about is a Hebrew word: chutzpah. Essentially it applies to anything with an element of audacity about it, various senses being 'gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, incredible guts, or sheer bloody-mindedness' Or to put it in Patrick Lew terms, you are all wrong and I am so far ahead of the curve you can't even see me.

Him big chief Brass Neck!

Dexter Rotten is, of course, Patrick's new band who are (and I quote) 'making shitty music'. All well and good, considering that the genre we have stumbled into here is Garage Rock which by its very definition needs to be shitty - at least soundwise. And that is where Patrick has often taken this to new and unexplored levels in all his various guises so I approached this track with infinite care - I've learned to do that with this artist. As you can see from his Soundclick site, Patrick is his own best salesman so let him tell you what Heaven Shine Down is all about. 'This is probably one of the only songs I wrote associated with my Christian religion music-wise. I gave it a very 80's synth feel sort of. It's pretty sloppy,'

I find all of Patrick's work to be sloppy so that doesn't frighten me, although I must admit I did have a couple of panic attacks about the Christian Rock tag. Needn't have worried though because if there is one thing Patrick is good at, it's being himself - warts and all. Surprisingly enough, Heaven Shine Down ALMOST has some structure and certainly the back line (drums, bass) sounds better than any other P Lew track I have ever heard. However, it's still pretty much the same unstructured, chaotic output this musician has become known for and - to be honest - I gave up complaining about it ages ago. So if five minutes of the most basic demo sound you ever heard sounds like it might float your boats, click away. Me? Well, I'll just wait for the next one, or the one after that, or the one after that....

Careful with that axe Eugene....

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