Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pilesar - Epididymitis

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Absolutely the only thing you can guarantee about a Pilesar track is that it will surprise you. Even if, like me, you have been listening to this experimental artist for years. The fact that he can still surprise me is one of the reasons I like this musician so much, there ain't many that can do that. It's not all sweetness and light though because - unlike other more contemporary musicians - Pilesar loves nothing more than expanding whatever madness he is involved in. Nearly all of his work (even the REALLY out there stuff) shows the incredible sense of fun this guy always brings to the party. Doesn't always get him a Must Have, but he's had his share of those too. Now because Epididymitis is somewhat complicated click HERE to see the Epididymitis Doctor.

Pilesar is the only artist I know who can make songs about boldily irritations even feasible.

It's real easy for people to be labelled 'unique' these days, I've even been guilty of that oversight before but in Pilesar's case it's the only word that fits. As well, of course, as awkward bastard. To be sure, when Pilesar goes off on one, his music can exert your dog to have fits and guess what kind Epididymitis is? I don't know whether it's a product of long exposure to Pilesar's output that makes me less scared of a track this off the wall, or whether I - like many others - have been tainted by this evil genius. To the uninitiated, this track is going to sound incredibly like chalk on a blackboard - and not just because of the screams.

Epididymitis is probably one of the weirder Pilesar tracks I've heard, but somehow it still manages to be incredibly listenable - at least to those with obviously steel ears and cast iron musical stomachs. Stylistically the track is a exercise in rhythms - this artists hallmark - that somehow manages to evoke both Jimi Hendrix AND the Mothers Of Invention in all their splendour. For sure, this is not an easy listen but for me I've already got a few favourite bits staked out. The aforementioned Jimi Hendrix wailing and the sax section for starters, not to mention more ideas than a barrel full of monkeys. Funnily enough, this track also features a few of those too.

Musical madness. Big. Time. Highly Recommended Earache.

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