Sunday, April 20, 2008

Corey Drumz - Talk That Talk (Wat U Say)

Hear The Track Here

At this stage of the game, I think I'd have to 'fess up to a liking for what Corey Drumz (and his various sidekicks) do with their particular brand of hip hop. For my money, Corey has a good commercial ear and he knows how to pick up the kind of music tracks that support what he does, unlike some other rappers I know. Consequently, the regular backing tracks come from the likes of Shadowville, Flawless Beats and Epik The Dawn - who supply this track. See what I mean about picking the right kind of backing tracks?

In all honesty, I can't say that Talk That Talk had the same kind of impact on me as some of his previous tracks but hey, you can't set me on fire every time. Nonetheless, if you already have a taste for all things I.K.E (don't ask) then I'd say here is another track that will fit into your existing library like a glove. Be warned, however, that like a lot of Drumz tracks, Talk That Talk does carry a Parental Advisory. So if a little cussing is going to put you off your lunch, stay away from this.

Corey Drumz isn't an artist who I have found lacking in production nous and this track has much of the same sound as most of his work. I think my main problem comes about because I don't really like the musical backing track. A purely personal thing, ya understand, but hey, it made a difference in my enjoyment. As I say, if you like this artist then what I say will make no difference whatsoever because you will probably like this as much as any of his other tracks. I only make the point that he has made stronger tracks that this. Still streets apart from the bulk of the hip hop scene, but maybe because I favour the NYC sound anyway.

Recommended NYC hip hop.

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