Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can't Stop The Daggers - Faking It Well

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Can't Stop The Daggers appear to be living up to their name. In a few short months and a dribble of tracks, (I've reviewed three so far, this being the fourth) this band has established a fairly impressive prescence. It has to be said a lot of that attention has been transferred from Jon Partelow's solo HELLbus project, although the whole of Can't Stop The Daggers (Chris Chattom, Ben Dumbauld) definitely contribute just as much to this project. Essentially it boils down to my favourite word, consistency. The one thing that could be guaranteed from a HELLbus track is audio quality and you can say the same about CSTD.

Even though some of the tracks are little more than 'chalk outlines' of songs (I love that quote!), I'd say that was definitely in the ears of the beholder. Along with their audio control, their definition of unfinished and mine and yours are in two completely different universes. Take, for example, Faking It Well. Billed as a cross between gospel/reggae and '80's keyboard sounds, the track gets right in your face from the getgo. One of those tracks whose overall sound DEMAND that you listen, let alone the quality of the songwriting which - in this case - is about as good as it gets. Although they are probably musical magpies like the majority of musicians around these days, their music pays the proper respect to the genre they cover so nothing sounds out of place.
The band see further work on 'funky live percussion, live drums, and anything else' but I'd suggest you have a listen before you take that too much to heart. See, it's all about perspective. Yes, as a musician, I can see that this track does need some things added to it, but the elements that are present already are more than enough for yer average listener. What they'd find is a wonderfully realised, bang-up-to-date indie song that has so many echoes of musical times past, it's not even funny. Lyrically, too, this delivers like gangbusters, a real treat. As I said in my last review of this band, I predict big things this year - watch this space.

Top of the line Indie. Highly Recommended.(No doubt a Must Have when its finished though....)

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