Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Zebrabook - It's Only Rock and Roll

Hear The Track Here

Most people know that I'm as friendly as a three day old puppy and will speak to anybody, about anything. It means that you get to know lots of different folks which, as you can imagine, can get a bit hairy. People are strange, innit? Five or six years ago I was doing my thing on another site and while there happened to encounter the World's Scariest Man, who then proceeded to collude with other Scary Men to launch upon the world something infinitely, infinitely double scary. The band went by the name of the Dead Company and - while they were active - they gathered a devoted (or else probably) fanbase who remember them to this day - including li'l ol' me.

Hey, I miss the chill up the spine. what can I say?

Jon Bushaway was the aforementioned World's Scariest Dude and lo - Zebrabook is his latest incarnation. The other thing, besides panic, that I remember about that time was the prodigious length of some of the Dead Company's tracks. It would appear that time has taught Jon nothing whatsoever about the qualities of brevity because It's Only Rock And Roll is an astounding twelve minutes long. The sort of track that should come with an in-built intermission, which indeed it may do but I was too busy with other things to notice.

It seemed like seconds before I had remembered (and started to reuse) yet another facet of being around this dude's music. So if I seem to be looking over my shoulder a lot, try and ignore it I'm sure it will go away. Despite being, on the face of it, just this side of experimental chaos there is a distinct musical brain operating the pedals as I learned long ago. To be sure, Zebrabook is a somewhat lighter entity but just as wtf! wtf! wtf! WAS THAT!!! as ever. It's Only Rock and Roll (which it most definitely isn't btw) isn't a track to be taken lightly but if you are a fan of well thought out, evocative soundscapes that Zebrabook is calling you. Just don't forget your anti-impending doom pills.

Twelve minutes of subliminal masterly mayhem. Highly Recommended experimental soundscape.

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