Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Svenni Bjorgvins - Into The Wind

Hear The Track Here

(shameful mode ON)No matter how prodigious a reviewer I am I can only manage to highlight a very small percentage of Soundclick's artists. I mean, this site is fnerkin HOOOGE. Filled to the rafters with 'listen to this, listen to this'. I say this because having seen Svenni Bjorgvins (Iceland, seeing as you asked) name a million times I have only JUST got round to reviewing him and indeed the first time I have ever heard him. See why I'm in shameful mode now? Well, it gets worse... See, you know how I like to creep around the really successful artists and I MISSED this guy. He's been around (on SC) since 2004 and obviously been very busy. Let's correct this massive oversight right now. (shameful mode OFF)

Doesn't the sight of me grovelling disgust you? I know. Shameless.

As you would expect from such longevity and enviable play/chart figures, the key word here is professional. Actually, two words - highly professional. I am a big fan of the blend of country and pop started by Bob Dylan - to which this track is an obvious musical reference. Especially the Dylan of Nashville and Travelling Wilburys. Like all music, this will be a personal taste but it does have one huge asset in its favour. It has a song strong enough to get over most people's predjudice given half a chance at its core. Give a listen to the chorus and if it hasn't grabbed you by then welllll....

you are just a philistine :P

The lyrics were written by April Ragland, put to music (quickly apparently) by Svenni and whipped into the studio to bring it all before our undeserving ears. Right glad I am that they did that because Into The Wind is exactly the kind of track I love; full of space, light, good vibes and a great chorus to go with it. The backline behind the vocals is very full (bass, guitars,drums, gorgeous organ) and spread right across the spectrum giving this track its all-enveloping feel. Whichever way I put it, you are not going to hear anything like this kind of quality that often so grab it now while you may.

First rate track. A well deserved MUST HAVE.

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