Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Wheel Remixes - Parasite by Jelly's Last Jam

Hear The Track Here

'Big Wheel remixes: what happens when other people let me loose on their stuff' says the man himself. As many of you are only too well aware, Big Wheel has become a Soundclick fixture but this is an offshoot and one that has paid off so far. Mind you, it's early days yet because I've only managed to review one BWR track so far and that was Follow by GingerHouse (January 2008) where we discovered - or rather rediscovered - an essential fact of musical life. You can never have enough pianos. It's also a track I highly recommended so if you haven't heard it yet, it's on the BWR page where Parasite by Jelly's Last Jam also resides.

I have been hundreds of remixes myself and can heartily recommend them for a) inspiration and b) new ways of doing things. The one rule never to forget is that your version should be as different as possible from the original. In other words, can you make it your own track? or at least sound like it. Jelly's Last Jam are a live band from Preston, here in the UK who gave Big Wheel permission to remix their Parasite track, you can find the original here and well good it is too. I am a big fan of this kind of band anyway and - if I hadn't already been listening to the BWR remix - I'd have said the round bugger didn't have a chance of doing anything that radical with it.

Good job I'd already been battering my ears for days then eh?

Should have known better of course because Big Wheel has never been a hit and miss affair, you might not like his style but you can't fault the quality. He brings some of his own nice toys to the party (another essential remix rule) and combined with his trademark DnB feel, he does indeed give a very different feel to the original. Either way, I feel no shame whatsoever in pointing you in either direction; the original OR the remix - they both have lots to offer a discerning listener. Me? I think I prefer Big Wheels bare bones approach.

Excellent remix of an Indie track. Highly Recommended on both tracks.

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