Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Peach Tree - Foals - Electric Bloom (Vampires Lament Mix)

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Yet another artist this month who has submitted a remix of someone elses track. Mind you after overdosing on Big Wheel Remixes, I'm probably ready for another one. This time it's Austrailian artist The Peach Tree who I have reviewed a couple of times now and found to be an interesting electronica musician and you don't get to put those words together very often. As always when reviewing music of this kind (ie remixes) I always like to refer back to the original to find out what exactly has been added/taken away. The original in this case being a Last FM band called the Foals who sound somewhat like the Cure. I might play it once or twice but it isn't something I'd normally want to listen to. Foals offered this track for remix and it looks like a lot of people did exactly that.

So how does The Peach Tree stack up?

He kept the jangly guitar sound that studs the original and the vocals (which he seems to have cured of their Cure sound) and added his own bass and drums and other assorted oddities tucked away here and there. The track has also been lengthened enormously coming in at a porky seven minutes and change; it's long, long long. It definitely could have lost a couple of minutes easily and still retained enough of what is good about the track rather than something acting as filler.

The main problem with this track, at least for me, is that often the bass and drums didn't fit with what was happening vocally. The original is quite slick and polished and that drive is missing here, replaced by a much slower, electronic feel which isn't bad in itself as the intro shows (the final couple of minutes stand out too) but the changes between the actual parts of the song are ragged. Surprisingly enough though, it does grow on you, mainly down to the vocals admittedly because when they weren't happening not much else was either.

Britpop and electronica remix.

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