Saturday, April 19, 2008

William - Lonely Street

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Although William is a new name to me, it's obvious from his POP page that he's no stranger to this thing we do. For example, his page features no less than 12 pages of material and that's a lot of songs. Looking further I noticed that he'd also done work with Michael Sky and Brett Service two of the more famous artists around, and I know for a fact that their bar is particularly high. It was then that I remembered I've actually reviewed William before as a member of the rock ensemble that gave us Bad Karma Gonna Get You (July 2005), which I reviewed as a dcallen track. Bloody marvelllous it was too. So, now that I know a bit more about this artist it's no surprise that it made such a good impression without knowing anything about the artist at all.

Slick rock is what comes out and it shows that - when you know what you are doing - there is plenty of life left in the ol' rock dog. It goes without saying that as soon as I heard the Hammond, I was caught, trapped. I love that sound and the kinda/sorta rock blues that makes up Lonely Street, uses it to perfection. All that wailing is nothing without a lead guitar in there as well, and that also stands up to the job exceptionally. What comes out at the end of this, is that this is a class track in a great many ways and obviously there is a lot of experience here.

With it's Clapton like sound, and its blues rock arrangement, it should find plenty of takers although it had a couple of problems that marred it for me. Some of the vocals sounded very odd (levelwise anyway) it was extremely noticeable and there is a certain amount of hesitancy in the lead vocal that is off-putting. This is especially noticeable at the very first chorus. Can't say as though most people will notice these things, they will either enjoy this blues rock track or not. I have to say I certainly did, although with the slight proviso I have made. Nonetheless, enough to make me want to hear something from this artist.

Slightly flawed Clapton flavoured blues rock. Recommended for feel and performance.

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