Wednesday, April 09, 2008

John Collins - The Rest Of Our Lives

Hear The Track Here

I know this artist primarily through his work with vocalist Lucie Dubue (as in John Collins and Lucie Dubue), a decidely middle of the road but none the less interesting change from the normal Soundclick sturm and drang. Running the gamut from classy touch songs to all out show tunes John and Lucie made a good team, opening up several relatively closed minds at the same time, mine included. Although I often disavow anything faintly sugary, I do like a track that has a sense of its own worth, and many of John and Lucies's tracks have exactly that. When I reviewed his first solo track Here (March 2008) I can't say I was that impressed, the song just wasn't happening for me and considering this is one of John's main areas, a disappointment.

But there's always tomorrow, right?

The Rest Of Our Lives has none of those problems and shows that my initial confidence isn't displaced. As I commented about Here, John's voice (and even the style and tenor of his music), is very reminiscent of early Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf Islam) and I say that in a complimentary way. I personally liked that early style and I like the way John's performance brings that to life. In all ways, this track is a far, far superior product although - it has to be said - you should probably like the gentler end of the musical spectrum. The Rest Of Our Lives being a kind of soft rock pop confection.

The track stands up well as a song this time too, with a very strong chorus showing the style I associate with his work with Lucy. My only complaint is a technical one really, but as a listener this track shows the John Collins I know and like and - provided you like the style - I think you will too. On the technical front, having worked with a great many songwriters - some self taught, some schooled in the art - I know which kind I prefer. There is a certain cleverness about putting a decent tune together that usually comes via inspiration, sometimes comes through making a useful mistake but never comes by flogging something that's already dead. Not sure whether this is inspirational, a useful mistake but it certainly isn't dead.

Highly Recommended light pop song.

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