Thursday, April 24, 2008

Buzrk - The Place For Me

Hear The Track Here

Over the space of a few months and as many tracks, I have become very familiar with Buzrk, a hip hop artist whose work I haven't always been favourable towards unfortunately. Mind you, I've also watched him getting around the problems I pointed and getting a damn sight tighter into the bargain. Of course you can still tell that this is a rap recorded over a backing track in some lo-fi fashion, but Buzrk has become a lot clearer lyrically of late and - for a rapper - that can never be a bad thing.

With another cracking Anno Domini produced track, it's also clear to see he wants to work with the best. It does show, acutely, the difference between the two so it is best to remember that he's still working this out. For me it is a bit of return to his earlier form after the high of Emissary (March 2008) which showed that he definitely had something. Again, the difference between the music and the rap is fairly glaring but maybe that's just my ears because it ultimately comes out sounding OK. Moreso of course after a few plays.

There is no disputing that Buzrk puts a lot of effort and energy into both his words and his performance but that does pay a cost in audio quality because that same energy causes lots of volume problems. Nothing that Buzrk doesn't handle properly and, given his track record, this isn't a track so greatly marred as some of his earlier works. As I say, a few plays smooth out the initial lumps, especially if you are familiar with this artist. In the meantime, I'll still look for the next Emmisary.

Yep Mr Ockard :P

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