Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yoyoman - Flight Simulator Forums

Hear The Track Here

My name is Steve Gilmore and I am a Frequent Flier. Not the kind where you amass a horde of Airmiles, but one where you get to fly ANYTHING with wings. I refer, of course, to the Flight Simulation scene which is enormously popular and has spawned a whole sub-industry of add-on suppliers and hardcore fans such as myself and - obviously - Yoyoman. I have encountered this Belgian musician before on websites and forums and even reviewed Turbofan Adrenaline (June 2005), a track which I found personally appealing but probably because I also spend a lot of time with my head in the clouds.

So to speak.

Yoyoman wrote this track as the introduction music to his new Aviation site at so probably the one thing you shouldn't expect is yer 'normal' musical experience. One of the things that may very well take you a bit by surprise is the velvet voiced geezer welcoming you to the forums, well you need to look at the site to get the general idea. As a peice of music, Flight Simulator Forums is pretty much what you might expect given the nature of the beast. An almost military peice, in fact.

So, obviously it gonna help enormously if you do enjoy the thrills and spills of simulation (reviewer checks to see that he's spelled that correctly) and that you have a liking for more classical sounds. As it is, there isn't much to FSF and it's only a couple of minutes long. It's a sparse musical arrangement, threaded with pilot radio chatter and other airport and or plane sounds. Having said that, Yoyoman knows exactly what he is doing soundwise and the result is definitely listenable. It is certainly something I would play while zooming around the wide blue yonder but I wonder at life beyond that....

Recommended for all propellor heads (no, not that kind...)

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