Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Refrag - Cant Opener/Deligion

Hear The Track Here

Life on the internet is very fluid and fast moving, as most of us find out very quickly. In this ridiculously information filled age, it really easy to lose sight of someone who once you were talking to 2-3-4 times a day. This is especially true of musicians in general and musicians on Soundclick in particular. Because of the endless hassles Soundclick was having a couple of years ago, this site lost some very valued musicians (Sylvan and Bonamici immediately spring to mind) and none more so - IMHO - than my old mate Desbo aka Ridd aka Refrag. I run into him on the odd Saturday night over on Songplanet but keeping up with his musical output has become increasingly hard. However, I saw this track enter the Songplanet charts a week or so ago so I thought YEAH!!!

Alrighty then...

The reason I value a musician like Refrag is because he is insane. Musically speaking that is, hes quite a nice chap in real life. Like another long absent friend Burp, Refrag set Soundclick alight a few years ago with some stunning peices of musical anarchy (all wrapped up in a neat choon), most of it is still here so go listen. Like all of Refrag's output Cant Opener is some seriously weird ****, ducking and diving to the manner born, although - being a diehard fan - I did find it a little lightweight in sound for this usually inspired musician.

Still, any Refrag in a storm, know what I mean?

Musically, the track has more in common with jazz and free jazz than almost anything else but that is way too small a pigeonhole for what Refrag actually sounds like. Take a structure such this, mix in some silly/treated voices, the odd boing to keep it all cooking and - above all - rhythms that suck your mind. The ending is exactly the kind of aural trick I expected from him and I look forward to that every time I've played it. It's the silly things that matter innit? While I was rushing about trying to pin this track down, I did notice a new(ish) track on Soundclick callled Deligeon which has remarkable similarities to it and is much, more the Refrag I know and love and is possibly a later version. It certainly sounds like it. Get your butt Refragged, you'll never look at life the same again.

MUST HAVE musical lunacy, listen/download both for it to make sense.

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