Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Charlie A - Bullet Boy

Hear The Track Here

Oi, I thought as I downloaded this track, how come this has a Parental Advisory attached to it? Not something normally associated with the mild mannered Charlie Armour (for it is he) is it now? I usually associate him with the kind of musical vision that inspires the best in a person, rather than all that ol' effing and blinding. The sort of stuff that usually gets a PA sticker attached to it. Luckily this was one of the first tracks up for review and I jumped into listening to it with, I must admit, a shamefaced glee at catching Charlie up to naughty naughty. It's always good to find out people's little foibles innit?

OK, too much information too. (Ed: that's two toos)

Now I've lived with this track for several days and even got to like it, especially in my mellower moments. Why are you looking at me in such a suspicious way? I do have mellow moments you know. (sniff) Anyway, when I am looking for work of a more classical lilt Charlie A has provided plenty of earhole fodder over the years and Bullet Boy is going to join the Ear Masage section of my playlist forthwith. Moreover, instead of the usual epic trek associated with (makes quote sign) soundtracks, this particular track zips in at a full - but satisfying - two minutes and small change.

As ever with Charlie A, it's the instruments he chooses to bring his music to life that draw the listener in, and usually keep them there. Bullet Boy has my own favourite combination of piano and cello to deliver the licks (so to speak) and not much else ( a couple of strings towards the end) and it's a surprisingly powerful peice of music. Of course, its a given that you should like moody, emotional instrumentals and Charlie A is a prime exponent of class material in this field. None of which, of course, explains the Parental Advisory which will undoubtedly be given to every single one of us now. No one will be free, Soundclick Crackdown!! Flee for your lives!!

but grab this first. Highly Recommended Piano/Cello instrumental.

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