Wednesday, April 23, 2008

David Orrick - Portland Avenue

Hear The Track Here

or david Orrick to be absolutely precise. When I went to download this track my heart leapt into my mouth at the thought of yet another wrestle with my least favourite genre, soundtracks. Obviously David sussed that one out at the start and in fact picked Portland Avenue (an instrumental rock track) for review. Does this guy know me or what? So, david Orrick, who he? He is a musician from sunny, exotic Littlehampton (Ed: it's neither of those things) and the sharper readers will have already registered that we have met this musician before, in a different guise.

Jeebbers, I think I've overdosed on the Stan Lee meds today!!

If the words Burble and Pine don't remind you of the last drunken stupor and you remember March Of The Truffles (March 2007) as being also nothing to do with the aforementioned stupor, then we are cooking with gas. They are, of course, the same person. I definitely liked March Of Truffles, in every way Portland Avenue does't disappoint me either. There is no doubt that David knows what he's about from arrangement through to production, here is a musician who takes time and care to craft his tracks - and it shows.

So, apart from complete gorgeosity for the ears (Ed: is that even a word Gilmore?. I think he means it is aurally sublime), what else does Portland Avenue have to offer your willing earholes? Guitars. Lots and lots and lots of guitars, obviously you can't get enough of them either. A bit like pianos. So it definitely qualifies for it's rock instrumental status but is it any fekkin good? I should coco. It's bloody awesome, especially if you like a nice quiet shredding of an evening. It comes in at just under five minutes, but believe me you won't notice the time passing because there will be plenty for your ears to fasten themselves on.

Top rate guitar rock. Highly Recommended.

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