Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Audio Riot - Fobby Asian Girl

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If the hairs on the back of your neck are shivering with dread and you are not sure why, let me shed a little light on your terror. The thing giving you the heebies is the title of this track which, you may remember, I reviewed in August 2007. Well, not so much reviewed as chewed actually. At this moment in time, that review has the dubious honour of being one of the worst reviews I have ever given anybody in years of reviewing. There again, looked at from another point of view, that may very well be a good thing. However, most of the complaints I - and other reviewers - have levelled at this artist have been complaints ABOUT the music and that is definitely not a good thing. Still puzzled, welp this artist used to be known as Band Of Asians...

Aaaah, screaming and running, that's the usual response. That I recognise.

I jest, of course, but not by much. Patrick Lew is the main man behind both these projects assures me that this version of Fobby Asian Girl is 'slightly better with added Electronic musical instruments in the arrangement'. Well, it just couldn't be as bad as the original could it? At least this version has a live drummer on it (Kelsey M, who seems to know what she is about) but unfortunately it doesn't really help that much because it still sounds like everything is going through a cement mixer. No, one of those fekkin huge cement trucks that mix while they drive around AND it's out of control. But not in a good way, ya understand. That kind that can only end in...


Admittedly at two minutes and change this isn't going to be that difficult for most people to grasp, the real question is would they want to. Patrick's chosen field is grunge and he has all the attitude and gear for it, unfortunately it always so buried in the most awful mixes you are likely to hear. Put it like this, most normal people happening on this track would give it no more than 10 seconds before flipping on to the next. In that first 10 seconds, the bass clashes with the rhythm and nothing is quite in tune. If that doesn't do it, nothing will. There are many people who admire the white noise generated by bands such as Sonic Youth et al and - if we could actually hear it properly - that may well be the case here BUT... What happens on this track? Everything fights everything else, the music, the instruments, the arrangement..

Friday Fight Club. Not for wimps.

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