Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SDzeta - Professor Spaceton and the Mysterious Planet

Hear The Track Here

I have to admit that my spirits plummeted when I visited this artists site to download this track and spotted more than a couple of Mario kinda/sorta track. Now I'm as much into fat Italian plumbers (Ed: readers should be aware that he is talking about the Nintendo game character not real plumbers - whatever the nationality) as the next guy and I also admit that I do enjoy the music of the various Mario games (please note my emphasis) in the game. Listening to game music in a non-game environment is akin to listening to dance music while sitting on your fat ass, complete non-starter. Anyhow, Prof Spaceton etc also carries the following cryptic comment 'G.A.M.E 2'

Who said 'uh oh'?

SDZeta is a new name to me and - from what I can gather - not only new to Soundclick but to making music in general. Hey we all got to start somewhere and at least he chose his software well. See, us Fruity users stick together. It's obvious that I would cut a certain amount of leeway because of that but even so if a track isn't up to it, why say different. It's to SDZeta's credit that I find myself not having to cut him any slack at all because this track is very good, even on a production/mix level.

OK, there is a certain amount of sameness about the sounds and rhythms but the way the arrangement works would keep most peoples minds of how flat it sounded. Having said that, the mix is surprisingly clear and balanced and given the genre - Electronic Ambient - it certainly helps to sustain the track. Essentially this is 'an atmospheric space song in 2 parts' as the man says and you either goning to be into this or not on that basis. On the part of this musician I'd say well done, this is a well organised, well thought out track that should gain you many listeners.

Highly Recommended Electronic Ambient. (Yep, I said that!)

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