Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Antennaheadz - I Never Found A Reason Until Today

Hear The Track Here

From being the l'enfant terrible of experimental (and I really mean that folks) sounds as Station For Imitation, through the sax toting work in TMFSD and latterly, the lo-fi alternative approach of the latest series of The Antennaheadz releases, Thomas J (who is ALL of them) likes to keep himself busy and us guessing. Which is no bad thing when looked at that way. However, starting this new style off with a blinding Loveless Blues (October 2007 Must Have doncha know) has spewed out a few very interesting variations on that theme, some really knockout and some not so, but all of them are class examples of what this artist is up to these days.

All you have to do is like it - or not.

I Never Found A Reason Until Today is 'recorded in one take with an acoustic guitar' according to the man. Now if you had told me when I was struggling through such Station For Imitation gems as Television Will Eat Your Head and Frown there, Smile here that I would be listening to the same guy knocking out a few chords on a guitar and (kinda/sorta) singing some words and loving every minute of it, I'd have called you a few choice names and sent my boys around to chew at your ankles. Not possible, Guv'nor might well have been my response.

My, how things have changed.

The 'thing' that's changed most, of course is Thomas himself and while I admit that the man might well still be the acquired taste he always had been, that taste is now becoming impeccable. So, I described the track above and I think - on balance - I was probably being kind. The chord strums are essentially markers for the lyrics and about as basic as it gets. The review would have ended at 'From being the l'enfant terrible of exp' has this been any other artist; what kept me listening was the vocal and the lyrics. So, it's yer basic song demo, and it shows that Thomas can write a song and keep it under control. Hey, in the world I've come from with this guy, this is a huge distance. It happens to be a cool little song too.

Recommended for Dansette fans because that was when the song last mattered.

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