Friday, April 11, 2008

Mike-K - Finally

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Or yet another in the seemingly endless collaborations Mike Kohlgraf seems to find the time for. I'm just feeling sorry for myself really, because I can't even find the time to spit on your granny, let alone cavort with fellow musicians. Anyway, enough of my woes - it's Germy time!! Not that I am about to infect you with any noxious gunk, merely short for Germinator which is yet another side to Mike-K you have yet maybe to discover. Yes, the less said the better I think. Finally is the (and I quote the man himself) 'first project for "Convergence" - a new, musical duo... Richard Letaw and Mike Kohlgraf' Richard Letlaw in this case supplying the lead guitar. Mike K on everything else obviously unless he's assigned that to his minions now too...

He can be a touch imperious.

The one thing that could never be associated with Mike's work is noxious gunk unless you are of the opinion that fairly bland, middle of the road compositions fall into that category neatly. As it happens, that is normally my reaction to the whole soft rock/pop genre but there again, Mike always delivers his own case well, as Finally will show. He's always had a neat touch with arrangement and a very clean sound, but this track is about as good as it ever gets. Punchy drums, snappy bass, lush strings and sweeps, all rollicking along as tight as a ducks rear end. From a technical standpoint I think this is the best sound I have heard from this musician.

The real star and highlight is, of course, the lead guitar and this is where Mike has really excelled; this is a class rock instrumental of the old school. Richard Letlaw has some considerable chops at his disposal and proceeds to spray it in all directions in a way that often reminded me of Jeff Beck. OK, so I don't really get off on soft rock instumentals and I would be the first to admit it but there is a quality about this track that makes it stand out. I know I am biased in favour of this artist, but hey there is no denying the quality work going on from all concerned. First of many, I hope. As you may have noticed, there is no download option here, if you like it you are going to have to buy it and that is a very personal opinion. If I liked the music enough, I may have been willing to pay some moolah for it. I know Mike will only spend it on coffee anyway.

Excellent lead guitar instrumental. Highly Recommended.

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