Saturday, November 18, 2006

Divine Turmoil - God Amongst Men

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Third time around for Nishant Cherian and Carlos Mazal (aka Divine Turmoil), an alternative experimental (whatever that means) artist that I have liked the work of, but not found anything to my own particular taste. Fact is, what I have heard so far is neither alternative or experimental. What I've heard is well performed, intelligently arranged guitar instrumentals which - lets face it - you either like or you don't. While it's true that the tracks I have heard so far are a pleasant and interesting listen, that is from a guitarists point of view. I am bound to like guitar instrumentals; not all mortals are so burdened. Nonetheless, you never know what is just around the corner, and in that spirit let's press on.

Gods Amongst Men is pretty much what I have come to expect from this duo, except in this case with a decidedly spanish/latin feel that I found eminently listenable. I also like it that they experiment more than is maybe even comfortable for them. I'm a big fan of Christopher Martin Hansen whose approach to playing is a wonder to behold. While the ideas behind Gods Amongst Men are there, I get the feeling that the actual performance could have been better. See the real competition for this artist are guitarists like Hansen, Micheal Silvestri and the like and believe me that is tough competiton. Mind you, about the only really bad thing that could be said about the track is that it's a bit rough around the edges.

Reading between the lines I'd guess that DT has a very restrictive recording situation but the track is about as live as it gets, fumbles and all. I'd certainly say that these guys have the musical nous, just tighten up the playing a bit and think more in terms of getting the production right and this would be seriously happening. I doubt that most people would even think about such things on hearing it anyway. All they would hear is to guitarists playing together and expressing some pretty good routines. You are either into it or not. Personally, like all their tracks, I liked what I heard (in the moment, as it were) but nothing I have heard so far is worthy of the bar the duo themselves have set. Time, however, will tell and it's just a question of how long.

Likeable guitar instrumental.

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Carlos Mazal said...

They are great and Carlos is my son.

He is and he is very good.

Carlos Mazal Sr