Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cam's Even Song - Brother Eli

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Woah!! Feel the wind of that character passing? That'll be one W. Cameron Bastedo, more commonly known to us Soundclick addicts as Cam or Cam's Even Song or any of the other aliases he goes under. So why is he whooshing about, I hear you ask. Simply put, Cam has to be the busiest guy on Soundclick, the man puts out tracks like clockwork, he reviews copiously from his leaky boat anchored in the chilly waters of the Critics Forum AND he has a real life! He is also, by any reckoning, having an absolutely wonderful year gathering up much praise - a lot of it from yours truly - and attention from those people who know a good thing when they hear it. By that definition, Cam's Even Song is a very good thing indeed, as the cluster of Must Haves from me and other rave reviews I have seen testify.

But, as usual, don't take my word for it. Climb in and see for yourself.

It has to be said that the primary appeal for this reviewer for this artist is his amazing vocal likeness to Blood On The Tracks era, followed closely by his unerring songwriting capability. I've always had an admiration for his musical skill (these tracks are all his own work) and I have to say that he has absolutely knocked me on my ass this year with the quality and depth of work he has come up with. Brother Eli being no exception of course. In fact, it's the kind of track which I would point to when someone asked me what Cam's Even Song was all about. Songs. Lots and lots of songs. In all manner of guises but all unmistakeably Cam with all the attributes I have discussed above. Take a listen to any track you care to name and his professional sound and easy delivery will undoubtedly win you over too.

Having caroused with Brother Eli from morn to night over the past few days I know a keeper when I hear one and this is it. From its loopy but classic opening riffs, to the depth and authority Cam's tonsils bring to the party make this track stand out in a year full of class Cam tracks. Every time Cam has pulled this trick it has been because of his innate songwriting skills. This is one artist who knows exactly what he wants and he has been spectactularly effective this year. Seems like every track I have reviewed lately, I've been obliged to actually quote some of his lyrics and believe me I don't do that often. However, Cam being one of a kind, try this little beauty: 'Don’t drink the water from the Dragon's head!, Don’t drink the water, or you will be dead'. Nice. Cam has much of a way with words as he does with music and the one thing he hasn't don't anytime lately is disappoint. Brother Eli is a killer track with all the right ingredients.


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