Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jim-n-Lisa - Slow Saxy Blues

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This must be the only J-n-L track I've never reviewed and young Jimbo decided that we might as well make up the whole set and who can stop him once he's sufficiently wound up? Not I guv, oh no, more than me jobswerf.. An older track, I think, and one specially dedicated to that other apple in Jimbo's eye - his beloved sax 'Naked Lady' The first apple being - of course - his wife Lisa. I have to write that because otherwise Lisa would probably kill me but I think even she would agree that the whole love thing is pretty even steven between her and the sax. Typical musician, tut tut but it has to be said that when the guy straps on the aforementioned Naked Lady and gives her a right good licking there is nothing quite like it. Although I appreciate and admire Jim's skill in most other areas of his work, I always pay special attention to his sax bits. Not just because I like the whole sound of saxaphones but also because I particularly like the way that Jim-n-Lisa deal with this - often intimidating - instrument.

So, on with the verbiage...

I freely admit to having a huge bias for this artist and with good reason so if this track doesn't hit you, the link above will take you to a page where a great many will hit you. I like Blues and I like Jazz but I wasn't really sure how they would mix together but in the hands of the master, I shouldn't even have broken a sweat. With the laziest rhythm section I've ever heard, the chords sliding almost in slow motion from one to the other, the tune seems to be composed of a couple of parts; a loose assembly that tightens considerably as the track reaches its climax and as such is as accomplished a peice as I would have expected from this hallowed quarter.

Which, as you well know, is not the same as saying that I actually liked it. Well, even that isn't true because I like everything this artist puts out, but there is a difference between liking and keeping and liking and passing on. After a whole string of keepers this year, the last thing I should think Jim is worried about is my opinion of his work. And, truth to be told, Slow Saxy Blues IS a bit specialised for all it's bluesy jazziness. Of great interest to people who like either of those genres or who see world class music (performance and production) as something to be valued and cherished but I suspect most people on hearing this would nod a bit, say 'nice jam' and then get on with what they were doing before you started pestering them.

Class blend of styles. Recommended.

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