Saturday, November 25, 2006

G1mike - The Rain Stopped Falling Down

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This is the second song this month that has rain as its central feature. Wtf is it with water falling out of the sky that so fascinates people?? Personally, I can't stand the stuff and can't wait for global warming to really kick in so we can all be toasty warm all the time. Won't that be fun!!! Julien Bernier Haineault is the name behind G1mike and he's Canadian (aren't they all these days?) and in keeping with that countries increasing export bubble is also a rock musician - classic rock as it happens and you know I just lap that stuff up with a spoon. Not all mind, because I have the sheer good fortune to have lived through the era most people think of when they use the term classic rock so I heard it the first time round and - to my mind - it is still to be bettered.

One day..... Hey! Maybe today...

The Rain Stopped Falling Down is not, unfortunately a track that will change history but why the fekk should it? That isn't rock's function these days and I'm not even sure it was back in the day either. You either got your rocks off to it or not; it was all about feeling good and having a good time - preferably off your face with your chosen nirvana buddy. Judged on that basis Rain is a workmanlike track and I guess most people of a rock bent will find it worth a listen, provided you can get over the 'recorded in a garbage bin' sound. It's actually not a bad song, if a little undemanding, not helped I fear by a fairly loose arrangement.

Where the track really suffers though, IMveryHO, is in the presentation; it's a track full of hesitancy, half formed lead lines and some well dodgy backing vocals that do not endear it to me. Although the individual sounds are rendered well enough the whole thing smacks of 4 trackery, especially in the weird placement of sounds in the stereo spectrum. If the only access G1mike has is to a 4 track then I guess there is not much choice about the sound but then I noticed he has just acquired a compressor and monitors and I'm sure that will help. It won't of course, cover up the lack of confidence in delivery (particualrly noticable on the backing vocals and some of the lead lines). At this point I'd say that G1mike wonders why he bothered asking me for a review, but let me say in my own defense that this is what I believe you should take care of - from one musician to another. Nonetheless, I certainly have a listen to some more tracks, can't judge a book by it's cover and all that bollocks...

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g1mike said...

Hi, thanks for the review anyway dude. It's okay if you don't like it. All tastes are in the nature as we say. It was not my favorite (best) so I don't feel sad and all. But I'd like to say that I am a one man band and it's not easy to sound like a band when you must do everything. My 2 cents :)