Monday, November 27, 2006

Thielus Grenon - The October Scale

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Because my mind is kinda full right at the moment with the finalising of this years awards, it's timely that this artist pops up for review. In my first year end awards/review (in 2003, this year is the 4th year I've been doing it) I singled out Thielus Grenon as an artist worth checking out. You may not think this comment boggle-worthy right now but maybe you will when I mention the genre Thielus specialised in at the time - progressive rock. Ahhh, now you get it. See, you know that I haven't any time for that genre but - for my money - Thielus is the kind of musician who definitely spreads himself wider than most. So, although I may not like the material he delivers (not always true by any stretch) there is no doubting the quality of the musicianship involved.

Aided and abetted on The October Scale by his 13 year old daughter, Elora Grenon on keyboards, this is his version of a Halloween instrumental. I know, a bit late but hey, I'm a busy boy... One of my main problems with this genre has always been its po-faced, pretentious look-at-me-being-seriously-artistic attitude - especially in it's overblown period. I had the good fortune to see Yes around the time of their first album and there was the prog rock that made sense to me, not the later ramblings. Not that I am likening TG to Yes, or even Genesis for that matter because - and here's the crucial difference - Theilus is managing to sound both authentic AND modern - and that's a pretty tall order to fill.

Thielus rises to the challenge magnifcently, his guitar lines fluid, lively and balanced to within an inch of their lives, and remember that I don't really like this music. I do enjoy a good guitarist having fun though, and that is exactly what I think this artist is doing here. I certainly think it helps to give this track it's freshness and overall appeal. The more I played this track the more I appreciated that sense of well being the track imparted, not bad going at all from an instrumental track. Mind you, when instrumentals are delivered as convincingly as this, it grabs your ears whether you like it or not. So, when Thielus says he is 'in a serious guitar playing mood' you'd better take him seriously.

Top class guitar instrumental, regardless of genre. Highly Recommended.

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