Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm Back - Make It Rain

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I'm Back (the artist formerly known as 810) host this track by Fat Joe feat. 810 (eh?) and Lil Wayne so to say that I am confused in the merest of understatements. Anyway, to cut this story off at the pass, last month I reviewed Bringing Shit Back and - to my great surprise - ended up quite liking what I was hearing. Now bearing in mind this is Hardcore Rap we are discussing here that IMHO is quite a feat. 810/I'm Back/whatever has appeared a couple of times on my radar over the past year or so so it was cool to find a track that - I felt anyway - accurately defined what the guy was up to.

Now I know only too well that there is no way on Gods green Earth that I can convince some people to listen to hardcore rap, let alone appreciate it. Mind you, I've been into this music since its beginnings and sometimes I find harder is better. The element that I'm Back brought to the party with his last track was a resonance in the music to the earlier, rawer strand. As such, that's a plus especially in a track like this that contains more testosterone that a medium sized boys school.

Again, like the track before it, this has a very decent backing track although I did have some fairly major issues with the overall sound, something I find a lot in a lot of online rap. However, that's a purely technical issue and pretty much the only thing a listener is going to hear is anything to do with production values. This is not to say that this track doesnt sound good, it carries off that trick surprisingly well. Where it fails, IMO, is in convincing me that it's as hard as it should be and judging by this edgy, ill defined mix, it needs a lot more thought to beefing up the whole track THEN this would start to really cook. Nonetheless, for hardcore rap, this is strangely appealing.

Classic hardcore rap. Recommended.

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