Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bob Brannan - Anybody Care

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Ah, that would be an answer to hear Bob...especially here online. Bob Brannan is a new MP3 Unsigned name to me and insisted in his review post that I 'hit him hard'. Eh? Wot? Li'l ol' me? I couldn't punch my way out of a wet paper bag so I'm nothing to worry about physically but I have been known to administer a good verbal kicking when required but even so I think I am a fairly even reviewer. I certainly don't go out of my way to antagonize people by my views, and if I have to be harsh I hope I can say with with a dash of humour, a cheery air and a huge fekkin wodge of bloodcurling invective. The unglamorous truth is that a track would have to be really bad (IMHO obviously) for me to get out of me chair and don boxing gloves but it has been known to happen - especially where I feel the artist had it within their power to make the most of what they have.

Can't stand waste, ya see...

Bob is a long time musician hailing from San Jose which - as everyone knows - no-one seems to know the way to. Still be that as it may, we'll not hold it against him eh? Coming from that background (working musician for years) you would expect a work of quality over and above the pitiful efforts of most of the later computer tots, and that certainly is the case - if Anybody Care is any indication. Funnily enough although this track is extremely Beatle-ish in sound and content I noticed that Bob cites Frank Marino as an influence so I guess I was expecting something along with more kerrang. Having had a personal, and well remembered, visitation with this monster of rock, I was expecting the same whacked out rocky productions and was extremely pleasantly surprised to find I liked this track a lot. Given it's whimsical '60's arrangement and treatment anyway, not always a nice taste in my books unless delivered perfectly.

There's a White Album feel about the track that is its main selling point (it has a progression amazingly similar to Dear Prudence from that album) but it's the faultless attention to detail both technically and musically that swings the deal. After that it's just a question of - if I may paraphrase the man - anybody caring. Well, if you like the sound of it, you are probably no doubt either listening to it right now and I should stop gobbing on, or are not really interested in 'music from years ago'. You would be doing this track a serious disservice if that were the case, if you want a slice of extremely professional 1960's inspired pop then this fits the bill exactly - and with some style too. It will be interesting to see what other strings this artist has to his bow and I'll be looking out for more from this quarter.

Highly Recommended Beatle-ish rock.

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