Friday, November 24, 2006

Greenie - This Music

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So far this year, MP3 Unsigned's Greenie has given me at least two tracks I found I could truly recommend. and considering this is hip hop we are talking about, that isn't bad going at all. Not exactly sure what the deal is with this track though because it says it features FLO & Peoples and there is no information other than that. Still, ours is not to reason why... To be honest, I don't really see MP3 Unsigned as a place for hip hop, and judging by the paucity of comments on this track, nobody else does either. While it is most definitely true that MP3 Unsigned does have a substantial hiphop/rap roster, not many of them seem to get through to the forum. Electronica by the shedload, classical, dance, trance, prance and all points West we get, but a trickle of hip hop...

While I like a great many commerical rap artists, there are quite literally only a handful of online rappers I would choose to listen to, and Greenie is going to be one of that handful. From the outset, This Music sounds suspiciously professional, and I know I have been singing this guys praises but this is some top production. So who are FLO and Peoples and what is their exact contribution? Has Matthew Greenberg (aka Greenie) taken slices of a commercial track and worked his own rap into it, or is he somehow adding to an existing track? Whichever it is, and I can't say I'm really fussed either way, it doesn't matter because this is a really sweet little track that deserves more attention than it seems to be getting.

Our of the three (!) comments on this song, all mention that it isn't really their preferred genre, and that may explain why this has so few comments. It's true that not everyone gets their rocks off to rap, let alone hip hop but hey, do yourself a favour and have a listen to Greenie who at least manages to carry it off with some style. He's always had a good flow (at least to my ears) and he can turn a neat phrase but I think the jury is till out on this one. I've played this track a lot and - because of the ambiguity about the tracks origins - I think it's clouding my judgement. If I am totally wrong and this whole peice is wholly composed by Greenie, then my beanie is off to you. Don't get me wrong, this is a very crisp, professional peice of work and anyone who does like the genre we like this excellent track. Me, I'll be over there waiting for some answers,

Class hip hop rap. Slick and slippery. Recommended.

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