Sunday, November 12, 2006

Silverline Productions - Shimmer

Hear The Track Here

Most months I deal with a review list clogged to the pores with bozos and clowns (oops, sorry I mean artistes), many of them known to me personally. Not, of course, as bozos and clowns but friends and acquaintances and it's only through the miracle of the internet that I can sustain this pattern of abuse and not suffer eternal bruising for it. Where was I? Oh yeah, abusing folk.... So, the reason I pulled out me soapbox is that this month looks like providing a bumper crop of newcomers and/or just people I haven't met before. Silverline Productions then being the next newcomer to venture forth although I'm willing to bet one Greg Michalec (aka SP) has been on Soundclick a lot longer than I first presumed with a lot of tracks posted and a very respectable Stations Playing list... So much for the 'here's an innocent newcomer' approach then eh?

Moreover, he's probably been lurking in the electronica forum and God knows what they've been telling him over there....

Simmer is ' mellow, laid back fusion piece with a short orchestral intro' as accurate a description as any to this peice of surprisingly accessable electronica. Try as I might to link it to the dread that the term electronica usually inspires, it's just good natured to be taken in. It's a track trying to be a jazz track imitating a classical track and it's not at all bad. The jazzy overtones are mainly coming from the inspired use of saxes, that also provide a lovely emphasis to that section. Pretty much all the sounds employed to make this track are extremely presentable - the sax especially aiding - I think - in a clear, transparent mix that hides nothing.

I'm not sure whether I got a bad copy of this but it clips something feirce in certain places and looking at it through VU meters its rendered very loudly, not that it should spoil your enjoyment of this peice but it is easily rectified. As it is, I liked this track enormously, it's bright cheerfulness a counterpoint to the greyness of the oncoming winter. I can't put my hand on my heart and say that I'll hang on to it because I probably won't in the long term
because I shall probably wear it out quickly. Nonetheless, it suggest that Silverline Productions might be worth a much closer inspection, if not a thorough going over :D

Very tasty electronica (not). Highly Recommended as Jazz Fusion.

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