Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Road Apples - August

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Road Apples is a name I've been coming across more and more in my Soundclick ramblings so it's nice to see 'a songwriter in Canada' as he styles himself joining in the review fray too. There again, he might have already been reviewed by just about everybody else, he was saving me for last and that in itself is a bit worrying so I'll give up this train of thought right now. There are a huge amount of Canadian artists who are into rock (especially guitar based rock) it must be something they put in the water but I am willing to bet that each one of us can name at least 2 Canadian artists we like. Now that makes a change from the commercial environment doesn't it? It doesn't? You mean they have caught on there too??? :shock:


All kidding aside, the Canadian music scene is as mature and tested as any other major market, it's not surprising it throws up great artists. So, Road Apples then... Within the first three bars it becomes evident who influenced this artist because the Beatle influences drench this track in familiar sounds and production techniques. Put it like this, if Oasis had written this track they might have some claim to the Beatle ethos they so blithely invoke. Recorded (apparently) in a cabin in the woods of British Columbia, it has a surprisingly fine professional sound and a great deal of effort has been made in keeping the mix period perfect. Retro rock a la Fab Four is always alright in my books provided it pays its respects to its forebears and this definitely does.

Ah bert, you cavail, isn't he just making a copy of what the Beatles did? Surely there is nothing original in that? OK, I say, YOU give it a go then and see just how difficult it is to make a copy of what the Beatles did. They also did that over 40 years ago. In my world, artists who DO use Beatle influences roughly fall into two categories: those who attempt it and fail and those who attempt it and make the grade. If August is anything to go by, it shows that Road Apples is a more than capable musician and songwriter who is IMHO paying his debt to his roots through this wonderfully constructed song, evoking the period with great detail. An excellent introduction to an artist I know I'll be hearing a lot more of.

Top grade Beatle-ish pop. Highly Recommended.

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