Friday, November 17, 2006

AndyF - Moondust

Hear The Track Here

T'was brass monkey weather time, three years ago, I reviewed a track called Di Da Mix (October 2003) and although liking its content (a little), disliking its production (even littler) and thoroughly berated the composer to get serious about his sound. AndyF (yep, you guessed it) obviously did because as many of you know, he's been in here plugging away ever since and btw, he did get serious about his sound. Extremely serious. Where the man and I drift apart ocassionally is in the genres he particularly prefers to work in: Classical; easy listening; ballads and soundtracks. For example, in this track Andy wishes to take us on 'an imaginary trip of discovery across space and time....I have tried to imagine the emotions you would experience on travelling to and seeing the Moon for the first time'. Blimey O'Reilly, gimmie some of that. ANYTHING so we can get of this damn rock!! Also, as you would expect, an extremely difficult musical feat to pull off.

There again, that's exactly what this artist thrives on...

So, wearing my comfy Armchair Soundtrack Critic manacles, I strapped myself aboard this beast, lit the blue touchpaper and - AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH - I couldn't escape!! Maybe I should have gone over my plan with a little more care. No choice now but to ride it out. Ooooh look we are just coming out of Earth's atmosphere (around one minute in) and there are a LOT of things whizzing about up here. Testament to the endless amounts of junk mankind has thrown up into near Earth Orbit, you leave that belt around two minutes and start on your way surrounded by the eternal, unimaginable vastness of space and yes, it does cause you to gulp a bit. We drift on in relative peace on quiet until arriving in low Moon orbit sometime in the fourth minute ready to land at Luna Base, although the actual landing is a bit scary - all that noise and commotion. Still, as the dying engines fade out and the track runs out of steam, I realise something dreadfully important. How in the name of seven shades of am I going to get home to finish this review....'cuse me......SOS........SOS.......Save Our Steve....

(Ed: so obviously then Moondust is awesomely effective, and because AndyF finally got rid of that opinionated brit git, I - your editor - award this track a Highly Recommended Editors Choice and the Pipe And Slippers award for appeal).

[the ceiling suddenly caves in with almighty crash, debris lays everywhere (Ed: she would. That slut)]

NOT so fast, you scurrilous swab!! I have fallen on you from a great height and you can never be rid of me!!! So, where was I before I was so rudely interupted? Ah yes, Andy F's little track. As much as I've often railed against some of the sounds Andy employs to create his visions, I cannoty fault either the sound or impact of this track because as a quasi-TV/Film soundtrack it is undeniably right in the pocket. The only question you have to ask yourself - punk - is do you feel lucky? No, hold on, that was a different movie. Sorry about that, there is something about being shot into space abruptly; landing roughly on the Moon; panicking on every level through every second, then falling back to Earth that quite takes the wind out of my sails. As the man said above, if anything I have said to you (if you can find a sensible bit anywhere) appeals, then do give this track a listen and I definitely recommend a download.

Class Soundtrack material. Recommended.

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