Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mark Holley - Different Shade Of Blues

Hear The Track Here

Regular readers will know that the hitherto unknown territory of Norman, Oklahoma now contains a person we have all come to know - at least if you are a regular at MP3 Unsigned. I've probably reviewed Mark more often in a collaborative guise than on his own, but hey there's nowt wrong with a bit of mingling. Although a bit rough around the edges both of his collaborations with Mark Alexander have been well worth listening to, for an overall rock experience they ain't too shabby. On this track, though, the collaborator is songwriter/singer Dawn Sinclair who many people will already know fron Soundclick and other sites. Her contribution here is the lyrical content and very good it is too.

I can't say with all honesty that - even after some time - I hadn't warmed to the track It certainly sounds good. Whatever new kit - ain't musicians gluttons for new gadgets - Mark Holley has brought to bear on this track have paid off, instrumentally and technically this is a very tasty work. There are some delightful sounds on display here, in particular I found myself loving the piano sound, especially when mixed with a high string fretless bass sound. All well and good really because - to my ears - these instruments really create the most interest and for me made the track worth listening to.

It still doesn't get to me the way I think it should and I have to lay the blame on the arrangement and material - otherwise I'd have to say I'm not getting this at all. See, as well as all the above ingredients it's a extremely pleasant song, sung with style with a vocal tone and style that is similar to me old mate Rob Taylor aka Slippy T. Given all that, there's a coldness at the core of this track because as technically perfect as it is - and it really goes some there - it still fails to hit this listener with any emotion and listening to it is - for me anyway - akin to a technical exercise. However, I'm pretty sure that is my bias towards material of this type: a type of navel gazing Elvis Costello if ya like. Still no doubting the musicianship on display here and the main reason I say this track is worth listening to just for that alone. Who knows, the tune may click with you, I'm a biased git.

Recommended mellow rock.

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