Sunday, November 19, 2006

Big Wheel - Illusion (Optical Illusion Mix)

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Over the course of time on Soundclick, some artists seem to just pop out of the woodwork at you. Big Wheel is one of those artists. I'd never heard of him when I reviewed (and kept btw) Far Away (July 2006) and since then he's done a sterling job of keeping me amused with his own personal brand of electronica as well as a dabble into Tin Gods (his real band). Another time and another track away, I can find little info on what Illusion (Optical Illusion Remix) is a remix of, unless it's an unreleased earlier version. Don't much matter, of course, but just want to know the ins and outs of a ducks ass me.... In a previous lifetime I must have been the Spanish Inquisition...

Now there's an optical illusion to terrify the kiddies.

Speaking of which, when I put this track through its paces the first times I could have sworn that the bass on this was an aural illusion. Surely it can't be that subby AND as clear as a bell? It is though, and it's a major selling point of this extremely tasty slice of Drums and Bass which - if you like the genre - you will just love to death. So what about the other 6.4Bn people who don't like DnB then? Well, I'd hazard a guess and say that most of them wouldn''t give a rats ass about it, but those that do happen to stumble across this track and like a really excellent rhythm, very snappy arrangement and a mass pounding even a container truck full of Tylenol couldn't shift.

Him heavy duty mother...

Considering it is DnB there is a lot of beauty and elegance in this track, and some of the instrumental sounds - including that exceptional bass - really entice the listener to get involved. Over the time I have known this artists work I have come to regard it highly, he is an intelligent, daring composer who isn't afraid to push the boat out and see what happens. His production values are also of a very high standard, another thing I noted when I first met him, and Illusion is a great example of that; great drive and power, but with a top line as crisp as lettuce in summer. As always, I think the genre classification will be more of a hinderance to this track than help because - underneath the labelling - it's a powerful, bass driven instrumental that hits you like a Mack truck - even if it is by way of a little aural sweetalk (in the intro). Really interesting and solid track.

Highly Recommended Drums and Bass

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