Sunday, November 05, 2006

Alchemystic - Cool Blue

Hear The Track Here

There's a disturbing message on Alchemystic's SC page about not keeping up the site anymore. Yep, here is another artist taking on the mantle of his own site and one that, as you may know from previous reviews, I regard highly as a musician and Soundclick regular. So I wonder, is this in addition to SC or a replacement for it? See, I know because as bad as Soundclick often gets (it does!, it does!!) it's also really the only game in town. It would be nice to think that your audience will follow you to your own place, but that doesn't always follow, if you know what I mean. I think what I am trying to say here is to be careful, eggs and baskets, ya know??

Aaany-fekkin-'ow, here the lad is with (and I quote) 'his take on jazz'. The reason I was bangin on in the first para is that Cool Blue can only be listened to or downloaded from Alchemicals :D site. Well worth it is too, especially if you like jazz with an iciness that'll freeze your ears off. That say that the blues is called that because that is the feeling it inspires, and I think in this case it has to refer to the color blue. Every single thing about Cool Blue is exactly that; cool, blue and so sophisticated it should be dressed in a tuxedo. Slick as excrement off a digging impliment, and with an unbelieveably professional approach, you would swear this was a band.

I do particularly like this style of jazz anyway, so let me lay out the lineup and see whether it rings your bells too. Piano, vibes, Rhodes,organ, bass and drums and that's it chum. Bloody amazing then what comes out of the other end because if ever a track stated exactly what it was in the title, then this would be it. After only a few days of hanging out with this hep cat, it's almost picture perfect, not a discernable hair out of place. I'd say Alchemystic has much to be smug about right now because Cool Blue has set up this extremely cool and confident musician in a nice position for the upcoming year end shenanigans. The reason being that this is the third track this year from Alchemystic that has become magestically soldered to my hard drive and that is good going in this very competitive year.

Cool jazz, oh yeaaaah baby... MUST HAVE.

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