Monday, November 27, 2006

Larry Lane - Amnesia

Hear The Track Here

Larry Lane, although sounding like a character tailor made for Superman, is in fact a band who make - and I quote - 'naughty pimp rock to shake that ass' Yeah, oooerr missis indeed. Still anything that features the word rock is usually fine by me, there isn't much in the genre that really gets on me tits. I'm not sure though that band fits Larry Lane because the bio on the pages talks about a band, names a guy called Steve Lindsay and ends up talking about 'me' and I? Bit of continuity there wouldn't go amiss. Still it shouldn't affect whatever goes on with the music, should it? Just a passing thought is all. So, big on the list of references for this track are Red Hot Chili's and the Black Crowes and I can see why that allusion is being made because it is the closest point of reference.

The first surprising thing about the track is the cleanness of it all; the arrangement and production is as clean as a whistle, without losing any of the essential warmth of the music and that's a hard trick. Even after a few plays Amnesia still played tricks with my brain because every time I fired it up I expected a much harder delivery than the laid back almost Southern rock feel of the peice. It does throw it's weight around a bit in the punchier chorus sections which lift the whole chorus considerably, but outside of this Amnesia boils down to a very tasty peice of blues rock, delivered in a convincing, powerful structure that shows instantly just how serious the music making is.

Initially, I didn't think the vocal quite worked with the instrumental but I think that was just a glitch in my ears the first or second play because once I started to hear it properly it didn't bother me any more. I have to say I liked the track for it's flair, although I'm still not so sure about the song. I think for most people, this will come down to a purely personal choice, you are either going to like and appreciate what Larry Lane does to your earholes or you are going to be reaching for the next track. As a confirmed, dyed in the wool rock animal (baaaa, baaaaa) as much as I liked Amnesia, I think I would have prefered something a bit meatier, but maybe that's for the next time? Whatever, this is a very slick track, delivered in a very professional manner that deserves the ears of those who profess to love rock.

Recommended Pimp Rock (Ed: can we say that word? Its not in my book of Rock Definitions)

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