Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Starting Over - Time For You To Go

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Its always nice when veiwing a fresh months reviews to see some of my Soundclick favourites appearing. Not that I don't like listening to new stuff mind but like everybody else, I have my preferences. Starting Over has long been one of those preferences. I first encountered this rock artist (think jangly guitars, pretty vocals, bright and breezy songs) when I reviewed Are You Going To Be Around (December 2003) which has most definitely stood the test of time. It hasn't always been the case of course because few artists deliver every time, but Dan Epp (aka Starting Over) has been a better shot at it than most over the years.

Dan has always billed himself as 'classic rock with great hooks' and I'd say that was a pretty accurate description. Considering his recording setup, Starting Over has always delivered to a certain standard, which in itself is no mean achievement and Time For You To Go has all the production hallmarks I have come to associate with this artist. Funnily enough, about the only musical reference I can make with this track is - you are going laugh when you hear this - Status Quo. Not in that steaming straight ahead rock way, although Time has more than its share of that too but its in the vocals that this is pure Quo, although in a lighter vein. Still, there's some very tasty licks in it nonetheless, as well as a reasonably straightforward track.

Having hung out in disreputable places with this track for a while I can't put my hand on my heart and say it was one of Starting Over's best, but in quality terms it can't be beat. A terrific rock song, encased in guitar and vocal heaven, especially in the more Quo like moments. I can certainly see this being lapped up by fans of the man because it absolutely typifies what Starting Over have always been about. Good clean fun with a great beat and a sense of light about its person. Sure, I've heard better from this artist, but this will do until the next must have, that's for sure.

Light, breezy pop rock. Highly Recommended.

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