Sunday, March 08, 2009

Louie McNeal - Breckenridge

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Like a lot of veteran Soundclick members, Louie McNeal can be defined as an old school musician. By this I mean a guy who believes that getting up in front of people with an instrument in his hands is what being a musician is all about. Come on, lets face it, the whole world and his brother can churn out musical tracks these days but IMHO can it really be defined as being a musician? A music producer maybe, or even a mixer/engineer but a musician, I doubt it. Just because this 'former Nobel reject' (don't ask) is an old school musician doesn't mean to say he doesn't deliver because that's the other side of being a live, working artist - even if it is just him, his voice and a geetar. I reviewed his My Pride (April 2004) and liked the song and his style, takes a special talent to fill up the holes that a guitar and voice leaves open and his almost James Taylor delivery ensures that the listener isn't aware of how unadorned a track it is.

Anyone who has participated in Louie's review thread on Soundclick's Critics Corner forum will know that this is a hard, often merciless critic - and more power to him because of that. Wouldn't mean a whole lot of course if he wasn't up-to-the-mark in his own work but a listen to any Louie McNeal track will show he knows what he's talking about, which is why said reviews are so respected. Breckenridge has been online for a year but Louie has been away from the boards that long too so it's nice to catch up with him. Again, I have to state that I don't always like this style although I do like a) good picking, b) sharp, nuanced vocals and c) a recognisable song.

Having spent a few years myself wandering the acoustic circuit, playing gigs in front of tens, hundreds and thousands of people I know exactly how hard this task is and my respect for musicians who make it work knows no bounds. Only one thing works in this extremely difficult market; good (or better yet great) songs and flawless delivery. Breckenridge scores on all these points and more; it's a warm, welcoming sound that sits easy on the ears and is exactly the kind of track most women I know would love from the get go, especially with the looks and vocal talent Louie brings to bear on it. As I say, if you like James Taylor, Louie McNeal kicks the sweet baby's butt all the way home.

Excellent Acoustic and a beautifully haunting song. Highly Recommended.

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