Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mike Prather - The Music Of You and I

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Considering that I am well on the way to Doddery Old Fart, I still have excellent recall. There was a sense of smugness then when I saw this track come up for review. Surely, I asked my smug self, I have heard Mike Prather before. Indeed, said the equally smug answer, but I bet you didn't know that it was so long ago? I readily admit that I was a bit surprised to see that I had reviewed It's All The Same To Me (September 2007) almost two years ago. My, how time flies when you are having fun. Mike Prather is a Texan singer/songwriter whose straight ahead style and uncomplicated delivery won him some fine praise from me at the time. Of course, that was then and this is now.

God, I do so wish I could do an evil cackle... I can never get the dough to rise (Ed: ?? ????)

Mike doesn't go in for any frippery, the song is the thing and that's as it should be because Mike specialises in making guitar accompanied country/folk songs. Definitely more country oriented than folk but totally, totally acoustic; the only embellishment being the addition of double tracked vocals at the relevant moments. This was also one of the features of It's All The Same To Me and obviously this is a musician who knows when something works well - even something as basic as that.

The Music Of You and I will be over in a blink (it's not even a minute and a half long) so it'll be no stretch for anyone to listen to it, but would it be worth it? Certainly if you like Americana, and/or country folk and appreciate an excellent song written in that genre. Both tracks show that Mike Prather is a very good songwriter with a clear sense of what he can do best, and where best to use his skills - and it shows with quality songs, despite their pared-down, lo-fi style.

Excellent country song.

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