Sunday, March 15, 2009

Peelington - Broken

Hear The Track Here

Peelington is an absolutely brand new name to me from MP3 Unsigned and he (I presume it is a he) doesn't have a lot to say on his web page either. An Indie artist who has apparently been writing songs for ten years or so, he's already picked up some very influential MP3 Unsigned names to champion his cause, which is always a good starting point. Shows the man has the networking skills to do the biz at least. Funnily enough, the vocals and the song really reminded me of my old friend Cam Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song) and that - I think - got me past my initial frustration with the track. Uh oh, I used the F word in the first paragraph didn't I? That can't be good. It isn't as bad as I make out though because the tune/song is sound, I think Peelington just needs to concentrate on his arrangement more.

Tighten up, less is more and all that bollocks.

From a songwriting/lyrical angle, Broken definitely has potential although I'm afraid this is pretty much a bare bones approach to it, definitely what I would call a demo. Nonetheless, it has ideas and a certain style, certainly enough to struggle through the massively overlong intro which IMHO could do with losing at least a minute and not lose it's impact. The track really starts to liven up with a terrific staccato guitar lead line that I could have done with more of, and at a much higher sound level and if it could be in stereo please.... The final couple of minutes of the track is where the heart of the matter lies and - with the right arrangement and production - and a nip and tuck here and there, this track would kill from fifty paces.

As it is, it is full of basic production no no's but I am a well known finicky bastard so you should take that with a grain of salt. Its an absolute certainty that most people will notice the length of the intro and may not even get to the song proper but they would definitely be missing out on a rough diamond. Personally, having lived with this track for a while, Peelington should have a certain amount of pride about his vocal ability and basic ideas. What he should do now is listen to other artists who work in his chosen field to see how high the technical bar is, and work more on a (damn I hate to say this) 'finished product'. He's a good vocalist but the vocal mix doesn't bring out the full warmth and colour of his voice any less than the instruments, which sound thin and stand somewhat apart from the aforementioned vocals. Decent, probably unfinished, song.

Worth a listen if you like the sound of it though.

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