Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Deer Tracks - 127SexFrya

Hear The Track Here

Contrary to popular opinion I don't review every single track that comes before my blog or in my email, there just isn't enough time in a day, know what I mean? What I do is pretty much pick and choose which tracks I want to highlight and that - I'm afraid - is down to my own personal choice. So why should I review The Deer Tracks as opposed to (say) the Joe Bloggs Band? Well, I have been around the Internet music scene for long enough to know that there is one country in the world that always, but always, chucks up artists that are well worth checking out. God knows what it is about Sweden but it is IMHO one of the most productive countries I know of for interesting, innovative musicians who know how to both make their music AND market it.

Neat trick if you can pull it off.

Considering the amount of Real World attention The Deer Tracks are getting (an NME review no less!) and that they are signed to a record label, you would think someone like me who only reviews unsigned artists wouldn't really be interested. Normally I wouldn't but where Swedish musicians are concerned, I have a definite blindspot so nrrrr. Anyway, the REAL reason I am reviewing this band is because they are both unique and accomplished and well worthy of checking out. Believe me, you are not likely to hear anything like this anywhere else. Originally a duo (David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors) the band has been beefed up for live appearances, although I'm not sure how many musicians are actually playing on 127sexyfrya. The thing that interests me about The Deer Tracks, more than anything else, is their use of beautifully haunting melodies, slices of glitch techno/trance and many varieties of electronic drones, buzzes, whistles and wails.

If that doesn't make you want to listen, you have no interest in anything.

I think I got the download link off the email I was sent about this band but there is a video of this track on their Myspazz page that will do the trick for you. With its odd combination of toy-like leadlines, its glitchy percussive elements and the incredible brass band/orchestral sound they achieve isn't enough to make your head spin, the combination of David and Elin's vocal parts would do it. There is a kind of ambient, almost Enya quality about the vocal lines that gives the track yet another dimension - making this a band absolutely impossible to define or categorise. Personally I have nothing but admiration for any musicians who bring instruments such as trumpets and clarinets to the party and use them in such a way you are hard pressed to sort out which is playing which. Essentially, 127Sexfrya is one of the most distinctive and different sounds I have heard in a long, long while, and the other tracks on their website only serve to show that this difference isn't just on one track but across their whole catalog.

Excellent, different and catchy as bubonic plague. MUST HAVE

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