Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pilesar - Snort Thruster (Live)

Hear The Track Here

Listen, whatever you do, don't go clicking on the link to Pilesar's page without adequate preparation. You would need a pair of shades (the page background is well glare-y), a suitable tranquiliser for those more chaotic/quixotic Pilesar moments and a definitely leaning towards the weird and wonderful. If you have all that, then your name must be Steve Gilmore and I claim my five bucks reward! I am definitely one of Pilesars most fervent fans, I have tons of his work on my various hard drives and he never ceases to amuse and amaze me. No doubt while driving the rest of humanity quietly around the bend but that's neither here nor there. Fugem as Pilesar and I say often.

If you can't take a joke, don't be one.

Speaking of jokes, don't be running away with the impression that Pilesar is a musical madman. Well, actually, he is but in every single thing he has ever done there is a solid musical mind behind what often appears to be random, unassociated noise. And that's not to mention the live stuff. OK, I joke, but not by much. Over the years I have come to appreciate more and more Pilesar's live tracks because that musical playfulness he exhibits in his recorded work is - if anything - strengthened by the live experience. Certainly, it would the strangest gig you are ever likely to experience this side of the Horsehead Nebula, not an area noted for its more tolerant attitudes towards lunatic human beings.

Pilesar is a master of the 'I wonder what would happen if I did this' school of music composition as Snort Thruster adequately shows. Whatever it is, it always manages to plaster a huge shit eating grin on my face and judging by this live track, the audience's too. Essentially Snort Thruster is a rhythmic exercise using voices and drums which doesn't sound up to much when written down like that but provides over five minutes of ridiculously good aural entertainment with its echoes of the wonderful Bobby McFerrin. It's just the man and his assortment of tape machines, rhythm and percussion tools and the seat of his pants and it works wonderfully. IMHO, Pilesar is one of the most innovative, intriguing and hard working experimentalists around and if you haven't tasted this (very) strange fruit yet, it's about time you did.

Class musical lunacy, LIVE. MUST HAVE.

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