Saturday, March 14, 2009

Larry Ludwick - Wendy's Song

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Although Larry Ludwick's stated genre is Electronica I have always thought of him as being an Alternative kinda guy. A songwriter with keyboards and a guitar, if ya like. God knows why I should think that because to my certain knowledge Larry is pretty much genre-resistant. Anybody who can work successfully with someone as out there are Dead Company needs to stretch out further than most. His last track, Somnia (February 2009) was, in all respects, an electronic kinda/sorta new age thingie which even managed to survive my own scathing hatred of such tracks. My point is (Ed: Oh thank God, there is one), it's funny the way your mind categorises people even when you are old enough and ugly enough to know better.

Over the year he has been around Soundclick, Larry has snagged more than a couple of ratings from me, usually for his songwriting skills; somehow the instrumentals don't see to score as highly. There again, that's because I do love a good song and he does have a touch with those. Take Wendy's Song for example, written for one of his oldest friends (45 years and counting), Larry says about the song 'before its too late, you have to tell loved ones what they mean and have meant' and I couldn't agree more and what better way than in a good song.

In many ways, the predominant influence here just has to be Neil Young; in songwriting style and in performance, the echoes are undeniable. Again, some big shoes to fill but Larry brings the tune home admirably, aided by some great lyrics and an easy, laid back feel. Hand on heart, I couldn't say I really like this kind of material, but I can recognise its appeal; especially to those more inclined to the country/folk field. There's a considered, almost stately feel to the track that grabbed me at the beginning and never let go and it was this that finally convinced me that - regardless of what I felt about the style - this is an excellent song and should become one of Larry's more successful tracks - should there be any justice.

Terrific song. Highly Recommended.

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