Thursday, March 19, 2009

The SolitaireOne - Finally Heard The Word

Hear The Track Here

The SolitaireOne (a one man band as it 'appens) has been making a noise (and name for himself) quite successfully on Soundclick for some time and, along the way picked up many fans and listeners. Yay, you all cry, break out the champers!! Until, that is, I tell you that most of The SolitaireOne's output happens to be blues. Blues rock, maybe yes whatever but at bedrock the man and the blues live together. Its surprising but blues and blues rock is one of the absolute staples of the internet music scene. It might not fair too well in the harsh real world but on the net it has many fans. Take, for example, the amount of comments expressed on Finally Heard The Word. Most of us count ourselves lucky getting a couple of comments per track so the amount of comments for this track shows just how acceptable the blues is these days.

Fine by me because I love the blues, and not just because I am a miserable English grump.

For someone who actually experienced the 1960's, Finally Heard The Word is like saying hello to an old friend you haven't seen for 40 years, as warm and comfortable as your favourite slippers. That's fine for old codgers like me but surely it couldn't appeal to today's kids? Wouldn't they notice the roughness of the mix, the thinness of sound, the odd muffled note? Would they ****!. What they would notice is how fresh, raw and exciting it sounded, like a bucket of water in the face and just as refreshing. Meanwhile miserable old English grumps like me would complain (see above) that it wasn't up to some stupidly exacting production quality that only I - and vampire bats - could even identify.

While Finally Heard The Word did indeed tickle my ivories, I must admit that it did come at the expense of things I wouldn't have been happy with in other situations. The excellent backing vocals were kind of squashed into a corner of the mix where centre stage may have been more effective and when the piano solo came in, my heart sank. This is where the track should have taken flight for the end but the dullness (and boominess) of the piano sound completely threw it for me. Personally, I admit that I love the track very much but for all the wrong reasons but being a miserable etc, etc my opinion can be easily discounted because - when all is said and done - this is a track with warmth, heart and a great song to it.

Highly Recommended Blues rock.

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