Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Antennaheadz - I Don't Sing

Hear The Track Here

As yet Thomas J (aka The Antennaheadz) doesn't seem to have been struck by the Curse Of Gilmore. See, when I started picking out Artist Of The Year back in 2003, I've not had a great batting average. By that I mean that Nad Sylvan, Jim-n-Lisa, Maria Daines and Paul Killington all went on to better things, but have kinda dropped off the map as far as Soundclick activity goes. The Antennaheadz, like Cam's Even Song before him, keeps right on churning out his lo-fi meisterwerks as if a grubby award from me is nothing. Nothing, of course, is exactly what Thomas got, other than the warm applause of many of his peers and (hopefully) and expanded audience. Certainly as far as Soundclick forum activity goes, he seems to go from strength to strength, and musically the man is absolutely unstoppable.

It goes without saying that you should have a healthy liking for lo-fi, one-man-and-his-dog productions; basic instrumentation, almost live production and not much else. The thing with Thomas J - at least these days - is the song. Front and centre. It's also the reason why I have become a confirmed Antennahead myself, but I'm seeing the doctor for that and hoping that it will clear up soon. Thomas's inspiration seems to be coming from somewhere between 1950 and 1970, so take your pick where. I've likened him to all kinds of odd people but - when all is said and done - always with that special Thomas J sound and approach.

Rough, roguish but with infinite charm.

I Don't Sing is Thomas in full spate, sounding suspiciously like Pete Shelley (of the Buzzcocks drrrr) against a rhythm track going at full pelt. Add electric guitars, bass, drums and endless amounts of gobbing and this would be a punk track. As it is, it's a pleasant enough listen, albeit extremely short at almost two minutes long. Mind you, I have a definite taste for this artist so even for me, two minutes is better than nothing. It might well whet your appetite to check out some more of this artists work, and I do urge you to do that - The Antennaheadz are one of Soundclick's more recognisably different artists; albeit in an acoustic stylee. Me, I could have done with another two or three minutes of this but that's just being greedy.

Highly Recommended lofi tomfoolery.

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